Nandi Lee is a frequently engaged vocalist, musician and composer.

Currently working with dancer/ choreographer Mireia Piñol, composing for the next show STRAGILS.

Composed and performed in Mireia Piñol show USTOPIA:

Co-lab with amazing Rap Artist Mandy Rich:

December 2021
Subtopia, Stockholm

Photo Cattis Zander

Photo Hedda Axelsson

Director Alexander Weibel Weibel
Artists Sarah Lett, Angela Wand, Peter Åberg, Nikolas Pulka

Dansbaneeländet 2021
Runmarö Allstars 2021
The Big-Ass-BBQ
Clowns without borders, Algeria.
Music: Nandi Lee and Mattias Andersson
Nandi Lee and Siri Hamari
Clowns without Borders