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”Du har gjort ett hästjobb Nandi, så jävla häftigt, hon som har visksjungit tills nu. Hon har vunnit så mycket!”

”Nandi got me singing in ways I never thought I could. The best vocal coaches hear things hidden in own voices that we could only dream about. I came out singing bigger than I thought possible, hitting notes that I only hit when dreaming about being on Pop Idol. She has an enormous range of influences, but most of all, in a gentle and caring way, helps you find the heart in your voice. It was both professionally rewarding and really quite therapeutic.”

Swedish and English available.

For booking or queries, please email: info@nandilee.com

Nandi Lee has over 25 years experience of teaching singing to professionals and amateurs. Educated at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm, she has also attended various advanced trainings as to keep updated with the latest research on vocals and music.

Previous engagements:
Cirkus Cirkör, Unga Klara, Kulturskolan Stockholm, DOCH (Dans- och Cirkushögskolan) and many more.