Nandi Lee bio

Nandi Lee was born in a run down block of flats in notorious Stoke Newington – Hackney, outside London. She grew up in a suitcase, travelling the red dust of Africa, busy with the liberation movements of the 1970s. At the age of three she was seen dancing with Mozambican village women, at four she used to sleep in her suitcase in various airports, and at five she was sailing the Indian Ocean in a beautiful old Dhow. Childhood music included South African boot dance, Swedish jazz and lots of American folk and roots.

This gypsy upbringing lent restlessness in her soul. Being exposed to poverty, injustice and child survivors of war built an urge to change the world. Singing and dancing gave love, happiness and meaning to life.

Early studies in piano and vocals gave Nandi Lee a musical base. She sang solo and in choirs as a child, toured in punk bands and street theatre groups as a teenager, and later enjoyed formal music studies in colleges and at the Royal University College in Stockholm.

Travels turned musical. Nandi Lee has toured in the country of Georgia, in northern, mid- and southern Africa, through most of Europe and around Sweden. Sometimes in tents, often in theatres, always with music.

During the years many songs have been written. As Nandi Lee’s heart turned back to her roots American folk, bluegrass and blues became an important source of inspiration.

Some of these songs were compiled on ”The Spirit of St P”, in close collaboration with producer Karl-Ola S Kjellholm. A single was released in 2015.

Now, five years down the line, Nandi Lee has found her musical soul mates. Together we transform the original songs and write new ones. The music speaks for itself. Still, live it’s a rock ‘n’ blues show, laced with stories and anecdotes from the rich life of Nandi Lee. We invite you to join the Nandi Lee music sessions and let the music flow through you!

Nandi Lee bio